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Your Tenant is cooking more than dinner Jan 26, 2023

The only thing you learned in 1st Grade:

Tattle-tales don't make friends.

But it may keep ya outta trouble.

Truth is...

Most Tenant problems have been going on for months.

One mouse turns into an all-out takeover.

A leaky faucet becomes an indoor swimming pool.

The living room...

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Officer, please give these to your inmate Jan 18, 2023

This makes no sense.

You sued a Tenant.

And won (thanks to these lawyers).

The Judge gave two weeks for the guy to get out.

But instead of packing up, he hit the town with some buddies.

And ended up in the slammer.

Rumor has it his cronies are gonna watch over your house until he gets out.

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The mob called (and wants paid) Jan 12, 2023

It's a beautiful day in the park.

Warm weather.

Kids laughing. 

The sky so blue you can almost see forever...

Then your phone rings.

It's an old Tenant (and he's pissed).

He wants the security deposit back - NOW!

If not, Mr. Corleone may pay you a visit.

Whoa, hold on there,...

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Don't do this (pretty please) Jan 05, 2023

Here's a fast way to get into trouble:

Take legal advice from DIY Landlords.

Like this guy...

A Landlord asked a DIY forum about separate bank accounts.

One for each rental house.

Here's a response:

"Yes, do it!  If you get sued, they can only take money from that home's bank...

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Ol' Smokey loves this new law Dec 30, 2022

New year, new law.

And no - they're not banning pineapple on pizza (yet).

Nope, we're talking smoke alarms.

Here's the scoop:

10-year battery sealed smoke alarms must be in every rental home (starting January 1, 2023). 

You can find the loopholes exceptions here.


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$100 says he's lying Dec 21, 2022

Words you love to hear:

Cold. Hard. Cash.

Let's say a prospective Tenant offers you this, but with a catch...

"I'll pay 3 months rent - in cash - if I can get the keys tonight."


Is this Tenant a baller (or shady)?

Here's a pro tip to help you decide.

* taps mic *


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I'm sorry, did you say toilet seat? Dec 14, 2022

Lock your doors.

There's a thief on the loose.

Wanna guess what they stole?

* drumroll please *

A toilet seat.

Go ahead - rub your eyes and read that again.

Legal Plan Member had a toilet seat stolen by a rogue Tenant.

We know.

It sounds crazy.

Who in their right mind would steal a...

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You should ignore this lawyer's advice Dec 08, 2022

It all started innocent enough...

A Legal Plan Member called to confirm he was right.

He was showing the Legal Plan to a friend.

Shared how he chats with yours truly (without getting billed).

And that he feels safe using Illinois' most up-to-date lease.


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Can we rant for a minute?? Dec 02, 2022


Our law firm sees a lot of dumb stuff.

Potty mouth Tenants.

Empty threats from lawyers.

DIY leases (these are the worst!)

But this one is a doozy.

Here's what happened:

A Tenant gets served with an eviction notice for not paying rent.

He then screams:

"This notice is illegal.  It...

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Would you respond to this? Nov 17, 2022

It started innocent enough.

You made a "For Rent" ad.

Snapped a few pics of the empty house.

Jotted down some pretty words.

Then hit publish...

And a tsunami of dumb questions came in.

"Does no smoking mean vapes?"

"I know you say no pets. But what about my friend's Chihuaua. ...

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Your Tenant is shirtless in the hallway Nov 07, 2022

Say you get this snarky text from a Tenant:

"Yo, my neighbor down the hall was shirtless again!  Make him stop or you'll hear from my lawyer."


Let's see here.

* clears throat *

Look, dude...


You know the drill.

Ya gotta keep Tenant's safe in "common areas" - if it's...

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The Supreme Court won't let this go Oct 30, 2022

Ah, the Illinois Supreme Court.

The most connected brightest legal minds in the game.

It's a hard job.

And they mean well.

But sometimes, they can't leave well enough alone...

Case in point:

They spent $60 million to help Tenants pay rent.

We know what you're thinking:


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