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lol worst advice ever

Jan 25, 2024

Heard this gem from a Tenant:

"You're Notice of Entry is illegal."

All because it wasn't on some fancy form.

* rolls eyes *

Listen, we've heard some doozies.

But this one is crazy.

Like did homeboy just trip the referee?!?

Here's the deal:

No specific form is required for a Notice of Entry.

You don't need a doc that looks like it came straight outta a lawyer's briefcase.

Do lawyers even still carry these?  Real ones prolly do...

Think of it like texting a buddy to catch the game.

You don't need an engraved invitation.

A simple, "Yo, need to check the pipes tomorrow," works wonders.

Just make sure you get the point across.

And give them at least 24 hrs notice (unless it's an emergency).

No frills, no fluff - just the facts, ma'am!

By Landlord Legal

Referee down, that's issue #96 of The Brief.

No need for a PhD in paperwork, but if you're too busy counting your rental cash - this Notice of Entry does the trick.  It's the lazy Landlord's dream - legal, simple, and practically fills itself out!