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How to handle a disabled Tenant's request

Feb 08, 2024

There's confusion about Tenant disabilities:

When to do something.

Some folks think you gotta be a mind reader.

Like you've got a crystal ball hidden in the basement next to the Christmas decorations.

Right, and I'm the Tooth Fairy... 

Maybe they need a closer parking spot.

Could be an exception to the 'no-pets' policy.

Here's the deal:

If a Tenant needs something special because of a disability, they've go to ask you first.

So, before you start redrawing parking lines or setting up a fire-breathing pet zone, wait for the ask.

Now, this doesn't mean you turn a cold shoulder.

If your Tenant's request is (1) reasonable and (2) doable, you make it happen.

You stay legal.

And make life a bit easier for someone who needs it.

By Landlord Legal

No pet dragons here, just #98 of The Brief.

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