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We won't apologize for this

Feb 01, 2024

There's a threat that always scares us:

A new law that Illinois Landlords ignore.

And we're seeing it now...

We sent an email a few weeks back about the new radon rules.

Then fired off another reminder a few days ago in case you ignored the first.

And our inbox got flooded with panic about the new rule.

Things like:

"Do I need to burn my building down now?"

Is there an IQ test for being a Landlord?  Hope not...

You don't need to do anything radon related for existing Tenants.

But existing Tenants can test for radon, if they want. 

Don't turn your rental into a science lab.

Leave the test tubes to the pros (or Tenants if they're feeling curious).

By Landlord Legal

No test tubes here, just issue #97 of The Brief.

But for real - radon is no laughing matter (unlike our emails).  If you need help making sense of it all - just ask.