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Who wants to sue you first?

Jan 18, 2024

The question in every Landlord's mind:

How do I get back at the idiot who trashed my house?

Ah, the classic Landlord drama.

Your Tenant's gone rogue.

And your place looks like the aftermath of a rock band's hotel party.

Revenge ideas?

I'll take 'social media shaming' for 200, Alex!

We get it:

You're mad.

And that camera roll is burning a hole in your pocket, begging to showcase the 'art' left behind by your not-so-dear Tenant.

But you know what mama said:

If ya can't say somethin' nice... 

Don't trash talk your Tenants in public - even if it's true.

Letting off steam at poker night is one thing.

Blasting it on social media is another.

If so, you could end up on the wrong side of a lawsuit faster than you can say "defamation."

By Landlord Legal

Daily Double's done, that's issue #95 of The Brief.

If we need to explain to you why asking randos in a Facebook group for legal advice is dumb, well, you might need more help than just our Legal Plan.