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Keep this circus out of your backyard Mar 28, 2024

It's part of being a Landlord:

Tenants turn your backyard into an episode of "America's Got Liability."

You know, things like a trampoline.

You can see it now:

Little Susie tries a double somersault, goes for gold, and ends up in the ER.

And guess who's getting sued?!?

Hint: it ain't little...

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Remember this for your next inspection Mar 21, 2024

A Landlord recently asked:

"Can I have someone else do the routine inspection?"

They were kickin' back in Hawaii.

Waves crashing, mai tai in hand, and then...

The Tenant pulled a fast one.

And wouldn't let the handyman do the inspection.


Well, the Tenant thought she needed to be...

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Another new law for Illinois landlords Mar 14, 2024

Hate to ruin your day, but here it goes:

Uncle Sam's got a new trick up his sleeve.

Here's the scoop:

Got an LLC for your property?

Ah, you thought you were slick, didn't you?

Dodging those personal liability bullets like Neo in "The Matrix."

Well, hold onto your hats.

There's a new form you...

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Can't believe a Landlord did this Feb 22, 2024

Feels like the right time to mention:

Temptation's a beast.

Especially when you're staring down the stack of mail addressed to your ex-Tenant.

Maybe you're thinking, "Just a quick peek to see if there's anything urgent..."

Hold up.

It's crazy stuff like this that gets Uncle Ed in trouble....

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Harsh (but helpful) truth Feb 15, 2024

A tale as old as time:

Your Tenant does a Houdini, vanishes before the lease ends.

And there you stand...

Peering into the void of your now silent apartment.

This place always been an echo chamber (or just the sound of my cashflow disappearing)?!?

What to do?

Throw a pity party.

Host a solo...

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How to handle a disabled Tenant's request Feb 08, 2024

There's confusion about Tenant disabilities:

When to do something.

Some folks think you gotta be a mind reader.

Like you've got a crystal ball hidden in the basement next to the Christmas decorations.

Right, and I'm the Tooth Fairy... 

Maybe they need a closer parking spot.


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We won't apologize for this Feb 01, 2024

There's a threat that always scares us:

A new law that Illinois Landlords ignore.

And we're seeing it now...

We sent an email a few weeks back about the new radon rules.

Then fired off another reminder a few days ago in case you ignored the first.

And our inbox got flooded with panic...

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lol worst advice ever Jan 25, 2024

Heard this gem from a Tenant:

"You're Notice of Entry is illegal."

All because it wasn't on some fancy form.

* rolls eyes *

Listen, we've heard some doozies.

But this one is crazy.

Like did homeboy just trip the referee?!?

Here's the deal:

No specific form is required for a Notice of Entry....

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Who wants to sue you first? Jan 18, 2024

The question in every Landlord's mind:

How do I get back at the idiot who trashed my house?

Ah, the classic Landlord drama.

Your Tenant's gone rogue.

And your place looks like the aftermath of a rock band's hotel party.

Revenge ideas?

I'll take 'social media shaming' for 200, Alex!

We get it:


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We got a train wreck coming Jan 11, 2024

Let us blow your minds with this:

Some Landlords are letting strangers in the house.

And no, it's not for a round of charades.

Here's what's up:

Say a Tenant hasn't coughed up the dough for their fancy TV they splurged on.

Now the boss man's at the door.

And he wants you to let him in.


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This chatbot is coming for you Jan 05, 2024

Are you starting to get it yet?

Illinois isn't a fan of Landlords.

And there's a new chatbot helping Illinois Tenants with all sorts of housing problems.

Now, don't get it twisted.

This bot can't mix you a cocktail.

Can't laugh at your jokes.

And definitely can't explain why every...

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New law starts next week 🚨 Dec 28, 2023

It's that time of year again:

Gym memberships skyrocket.

Kale sales go through the roof.

Paul from HR swears he's done with karaoke - for good this time.

While you're busy jotting down goals, add this to the list:

Don't screw up the new radon disclosure law.

We broke the news on...

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