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Can't believe a Landlord did this

Feb 22, 2024

Feels like the right time to mention:

Temptation's a beast.

Especially when you're staring down the stack of mail addressed to your ex-Tenant.

Maybe you're thinking, "Just a quick peek to see if there's anything urgent..."

Hold up.

It's crazy stuff like this that gets Uncle Ed in trouble. 

Opening someone else's mail can land you in trouble.

Even if they were a Tenant.

Don't open your ex-Tenant's mail - even if you think it's important. 

There's no prize for guessing what's inside.

No, we're talking fines, angry ex-Tenants, and the kind of legal headaches that you can't laugh off over beers.

If you're on good terms, give them a heads up.

If not, slap a "Return to Sender" sticker and move on.

By Landlord Legal

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