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One mistake you should never make Jun 20, 2024

Here's a wild story:

A Tenant moves in.

They seem nice.

Pay on time.

Everything's peachy.

Then one day, you swing by and a stranger greets you at the door.

"Uh, you are??"

"Oh, I live here — renting a room from a buddy."

Turns out, your Tenant thought it'd be a swell idea to play landlord....

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Never skip this step with new Tenants Jun 13, 2024

You've got a new Tenant.

But they didn't come through the front door.

Not with your permission, anyway.

One day, they're just "visiting."

The next, they're setting up shop in your rental like it's a long-term Airbnb.

Mystery car in the driveway?

Uh-oh. Who dis?

Turns out, this guy was your...

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Say goodbye to this crazy form Jun 06, 2024

It's about time.

Remember that COVID Rental Assistance form?

You know, the one you had to give tenants during evictions?

Even after folks swapped their masks for Applebee's happy hour, you still had to use the form.

Well, you can finally toss it in the trash.

It's rare that Illinois...

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A law change we missed 👀 May 30, 2024

Alert the press.

The security deposit rules changed.

And it's doesn't hurt just the big guys anymore.

Before January 1, 2024, the Security Deposit Return Act only applied to landlords with 5 or more units.

Small fries like you?

You got a free pass.

Not anymore.

Now, before you...

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Don't miss this security deposit deadline May 22, 2024

You hit the landlord jackpot.

Your tenant moved out.

No damage.

The place is clean.

And there's no science experiments in the fridge.

Now, the tenant wants their security deposit back.

By law, they can get it.

Trying to keep their money means they'll get more of yours.

Good luck even...

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A dork move from a smart Landlord May 15, 2024

Real sad story here:

A Landlord wanted a Tenant gone.

He heard about 5, 10, & 30 day eviction notices.

And he used the 5 Day Notice (because he wanted the Tenant out, fast).

If it were only that easy! 

He used the wrong notice, for the wrong reason.

And the Judge made him start...

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But are you really sure it's still legal? May 09, 2024

Everyone asks us for legal tips.

Here's a good one:

Use e-signatures on your lease.

It's fast, easy, and legally enforceable.

Which was news to one Tenant...

They said, "I didn't sign, so it's not legal."

And boy were they miffed about a digital signature!

We have an angry Tenant on line...

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This doesn't count for a security deposit May 02, 2024

Our latest conspiracy theory:

Tenant's will do anything to dodge paying with cash.

Here's one:

A Tenant offers to swap sweat for the security deposit.

They'll paint walls.

Fix the squeaky door.

Even turn your jungle of a garden into a Zen retreat.

Sounds tempting, right?

You're thinking,...

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What a verbal lease means for you Apr 25, 2024

The new Tenant seems chill.

And has the deposit in hand.

So you shake hands, and skip the paperwork.

It just seems, so, formal!

All is good.

But then rent goes missing.

Aunt Sally turns the couch into her new digs.

And things spiral...

So you lawyer up with the best in the...

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Ask this before buying your next rental Apr 18, 2024

We wish we were kidding.

But it happens all the time.

A Landlord buys a sweet rental.

And thinks they can force the existing Tenant to sign their killer lease.

There's a new sheriff in town boiz!!

Not so fast, cowboy.

You can't just waltz in and start changing the rules.


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Uh-oh, are you charging late fees for this? Apr 10, 2024

It's been a rocky year.

And let's be real, times are getting tight.

So rent won't always hit your bank on time.

Sometimes, only part of it shows up.

Something is better than nothing, right?!?

Which gets greedy smart Landlords thinking...

Can you charge a late fee when only some of the...

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Can you really bill for that?! Apr 04, 2024

Days like yesterday suck.

Here's what happened:

Tenant moves out (and leaves a mess).

Landlord rolls up their sleeves, fixes it themselves.

Have you seen a contractor's rate lately?!?

Now, she wants paid for her work.

But some rando on the internet said Landlords can't charge for their...

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