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Who gets first dibs on your crib?

Aug 03, 2023

Ever heard of a "right of first refusal"?

Sounds like a medieval jousting term.

I hereby claim a right of first refusal to your dragon! 

Like most things in law, it's a fancy term for a simple idea:

Someone gets the first shot to buy your house.

Now, you wouldn't give this right to any ole' schmuck Tenant.

And your Tenant doesn't get the right because they rent the house.

News flash:

Tenants aren't the prom King and Queens of your rental property.

That's right. No need to wipe your glasses and turn up your hearing aids.

Tenants don't have a right of first refusal to buy your house.

You know local laws can be as fickle as a cat on a hot tin roof.

So do some digging to be sure.

And remember: keep that lease tighter than your favorite pair of high school jeans.

By Landlord Legal

Your honor, that's issue #77 of The Brief.

Some chump claimed they had a right of first refusal because they were a Tenant. Thankfully, this Legal Plan Member reached out to us (and we called their bluff).  Game, set, match.