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Your Tenant is shirtless in the hallway

Nov 08, 2022

Say you get this snarky text from a Tenant:

"Yo, my neighbor down the hall was shirtless again!  Make him stop or you'll hear from my lawyer."


Let's see here.

* clears throat *

Look, dude...


You know the drill.

Ya gotta keep Tenant's safe in "common areas" - if it's under your control.

Things like smoke alarms and lights in the hallways.

But Tenants acting like idiots...

Not *always* your problem.

Next time one Tenant complains about another:

See if the "dispute" is a legal issue.

If so, do something about it.

If not, don't make it your problem.

Not sure?  Ask these lawyers.

Don't complicate this.

If it's not a legal issue, mind your own business.

By Landlord Legal

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