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Would you call the cops?

Aug 10, 2023

Ever had that "Oh, snap!" moment during a routine inspection?

You know, where you peek in the closet.

Maybe snoop around the corner.

Then find a scene more like Breaking Bad than Full House?

Here's the deal:

If you ever find something and wonder "is that even legal" - start here.

Take a deep breath.

Whistle a happy tune.

And tee up this "Sayonara, Tenant!" notice.

Here's why:

Criminal activity *should be* a breach of the lease.

Assuming your lease has a "No shady business" term, of course.  If not, change that.

Quick disclaimer:

Our lawyers say if it's like call-the-cops bad...

Let the boys and girls in Blue handle it.

By Landlord Legal

Yes officer, that's issue #78 of The Brief.

If you find something fishy during an inspection, don't become an accomplice.  Get these hired guns in your corner.