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When to reject a Tenant's cash

Nov 16, 2023

Picture this:

You're dominating Monopoly, like a boss.

Then your almost bankrupt buddy pulls a fast one:

 He slaps down the 'Get Out of Jail Free' card.

We saw a Tenant do just that.

And it was the Landlord's fault...

Here's what happened:

Tenant didn't pay.

Landlord served the ole 'pay up or pack up' notice.

And when the Tenant gave a sob story worthy of an Oscar, the Landlord took half the money.

Some is better than none, right?!?


Never accept partial payments after serving a 5-Day Eviction Notice.

*Alexa, blast "All or Nothing" by NSYNC!*

If so, you're hitting the reset button on the eviction.

And will need to start again if the rest of the money doesn't show up.

By Landlord Legal

No jail time here, just issue #86 of The Brief.

We made this free, step-by-step guide on how to evict a Tenant when they don't pay rent. Hope it helps you!