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When to keep that magic money

Feb 18, 2023

Uh oh, this Landlord is about to lose it.

And you'll never guess why...

* cue Jeopardy music *

The Tenant threw a late night karaoke party.

And the grand prize went to the best cover of Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You.'

This symphony of tone-deaf cats put on a show for the whole neighborhood.

Now the neighbors are pissed. And the Tenant must go.

Thanks to this killer lease, the Landlord will kick him out no problem.

But he *probably* can't keep the security deposit.

Security deposits can't be kept for any ol' lease violation.

There must be some harm.  And no, a hurt ego doesn't count.

Security deposits work for non-payment or to cover damage.

But try to keep it for any other reason and you're asking for trouble.

Don't get greedy.

By Landlord Legal


That's issue #57 of The Brief.

Don't forget - nothing we say is legal advice.  Always check with your lawyer - or ours - before following our lead.  Got it?