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Uh-oh, are you charging late fees for this?

Apr 10, 2024

It's been a rocky year.

And let's be real, times are getting tight.

So rent won't always hit your bank on time.

Sometimes, only part of it shows up.

Something is better than nothing, right?!?

Which gets greedy smart Landlords thinking...

Can you charge a late fee when only some of the rent is paid on time?

We know, we know.

Wanting more money when a Tenant is already low on cash feels awkward.

It's kinda like learning to dougie for the first time.

Odd, but you do whatcha gotta do.

Good news:

You can charge late fees on anything less than full rent. 

Even if it's a dollar short?

Yes, little Johnny, even if it's a dollar short...

Just make sure it's in your lease.

No secret handshakes.

By Landlord Legal

Got dem moves, and issue #105 of The Brief.

What's the wildest reason a tenant ever gave you for late rent?  Boss said if we get 5 replies, we get a bonus...

DISCLAIMER: Heads up - none of this is legal advice. We share stories and laughs about legal stuff for Landlords.  Do your own homework and stay safe out there!