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Turn your toolbox into cash

Sep 20, 2023

Ever fixed a pesky sink leak at your rental?

Or painted over some crayon art left by the ex-Tenant's kiddos?

You're hired, kid!


Ever thought, "Hey, I should make a buck or three for this..."

Good news, you can.

If it's in your lease.


You can slap a price tag on your DIY chops.

We know what you're thinking:

Does that include the time for watching YouTube videos to fix the problem?

Don't test your luck, Sunny!

Here's the catch:

You gotta put in in your lease.

No shot you get paid if this ain't in the lease.

You'd have better luck asking the Tooth Fairy for a refund.

By Landlord Legal

Nailed it! That's issue #81 of The Brief.

It's one thing to DIY your smoke alarm batteries.  It's another to play lawyer.  You know better.