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The mob called (and wants paid)

Jan 12, 2023

It's a beautiful day in the park.

Warm weather.

Kids laughing. 

The sky so blue you can almost see forever...

Then your phone rings.

It's an old Tenant (and he's pissed).

He wants the security deposit back - NOW!

If not, Mr. Corleone may pay you a visit.

Whoa, hold on there, tiger. 

Sorry this got ya all hot and bothered.

But you're not getting it back.

You trashed the place (now I keep your money).

Got it?!?

* brushes shoulders *

Listen, you may not wanna call this Tenant's bluff.

But you better send this notice.

It says why you're keeping the money (and how much).

It'll keep you legal.

And Mr. Corleone outta town.


By Landlord Legal

That's issue #53 of The Brief. No Big Deal...

P.S. Most Landlords break the law when returning security deposits. 

So we created this free guide to help you get it right.  It took us 3+ hours to make (and will take you less than 3 minutes to read).