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Ol' Smokey loves this new law

Dec 30, 2022

New year, new law.

And no - they're not banning pineapple on pizza (yet).

Nope, we're talking smoke alarms.

Here's the scoop:

10-year battery sealed smoke alarms must be in every rental home (starting January 1, 2023). 

You can find the loopholes exceptions here.

Sure, it's another hassle and expense...

But you know what Smokey The Bear says:

"Only you can prevent rental home fires."


And if you don't...

Well, the money-hungry government suits will make you pay.

And if your house goes up in flames, your bank account will too.

So there ya go:

Make sure your smoke alarms comply with the new law.

It keeps your Tenants safe.

And ol' Smokey happy.

Happy New Year!

By Landlord Legal

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