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Officer, please give these to your inmate

Jan 18, 2023

This makes no sense.

You sued a Tenant.

And won (thanks to these lawyers).

The Judge gave two weeks for the guy to get out.

But instead of packing up, he hit the town with some buddies.

And ended up in the slammer.

Rumor has it his cronies are gonna watch over your house until he gets out.

* devilish grin *

No way you're letting these punks take over.

But your options are limited (we have a few ideas).

Know this: if ya change the locks, give him the keys.

That's right...

A Tenant gets access to the house until the date of possession in the Eviction Order.

Yes, even if he's in jail.

And if you try kicking him out before then...

Say cheese.

You'll be sitting next to him - in jail.

By Landlord Legal

Whew, that's issue #54 of The Brief.

P.S. This true story came from a Legal Plan Member.  We can help you get the legal stuff right, too.  Oh yeah, we also sue bad Tenants.  Find our hired guns here.