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No way you think this is ok

Mar 03, 2023

Surprise, surprise...

Tenants want to be safe. And they expect you to help make it happen.

You know, things like:

  • Doors that lock.
  • Smoke detectors that work.
  • An underground bunker with a year's supply of non-perishable food.

Sure, you wanna keep Tenants safe.

But when they ask to put a camera in the common areas...

Your answer better always be a hard NO!

Ya, they say it's for safety reasons.

But we all know they really wanna see the daredevil who uses the stairwell as a skatepark bite it.

Don't let your Tenants install security cameras in common areas.

But here's a sneaky little twist:

You can (if it tickles your fancy).

You see, cameras in common areas ain't the issue.

It's who's got access to the goods that counts.

By Landlord Legal

In case you've lost track at home, that's issue #59 of The Brief.

Here's a quick cheat sheet on where you can - and better not - install security cameras - say cheese!