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NEW LAW changes how you get paid

Jul 25, 2023

Remember the good old days?

When you could just snap your fingers (or send an email) and poof!

Rent magically appeared in your bank?

That happened thanks to electronic funds transfer (ETFs).

Well, say hello to Public Act 103-1032.

No, it's not the long-lost cousin of R2-D2 (but it still shakes things up).

Why this matters:

You can't force Tenants to pay rent via digital payments.

These handy tools let you get paid with just a few clicks...

But you can no longer force Tenants to pay this way.

If so, you'll be the next star of American Greed - Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices edition.

Where money seduces, power corrupts, and the gavel of justice falls.

Don't get caught with your legal pants down.

By Landlord Legal

Remember, with great power... comes issue #76 of The Brief.

If you're bored (or paranoid), read the new law to pass some time.