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Don't miss this security deposit deadline

May 22, 2024

You hit the landlord jackpot.

Your tenant moved out.

No damage.

The place is clean.

And there's no science experiments in the fridge.

Now, the tenant wants their security deposit back.

By law, they can get it.

Trying to keep their money means they'll get more of yours.

Good luck even financing a waterbed after that!

But they don't get it the minute you have the keys.

You have 45 days to return a security deposit.

So, don't slack.

Cut the check.

Mail it off.

And move on.

By Landlord Legal

No waterbeds here, just issue #111 of The Brief.

The 45 day rule doesn't apply if you're keeping any of the deposit.  Get all the rules for that in this free guide.