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Keep this circus out of your backyard

Mar 28, 2024

It's part of being a Landlord:

Tenants turn your backyard into an episode of "America's Got Liability."

You know, things like a trampoline.

You can see it now:

Little Susie tries a double somersault, goes for gold, and ends up in the ER.

And guess who's getting sued?!?

Hint: it ain't little Susie.

Never a dull day in Landlord Land 😂

Here's the deal:

When a jump goes bad, it's not just tears and grown-up words.

It's lawyers, courtrooms, and a whole lotta paperwork with your name on in.

Don't let Tenants have trampolines.

There's no slow claps or standing ovations for being a cool Landlord.

Have your Tenant's stick to lawn gnomes and flower beds.

By Landlord Legal

No trampolines, no cry - just issue #103 of The Brief.

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