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How to avoid the big freeze from your Tenant

Nov 09, 2023

Rumor has it you like saving cash.

Clipping coupons.

Waiting for 2-for-1 taco Tuesdays.

Moonlighting as a karaoke DJ.

Guess what:

Your Tenant wants to save some coin too.

And now that cooler temps are here, make sure turning the heat off ain't one of 'em.

Make your lease clear as a neon sign on the Vegas strip.

You know, something like:

"This isn't the South Pole, and you're not an ice sculptor.  Keep the house at 55 degrees or above."

* not legal advice * 

And no, a pinky promise won't work.

Stick this in your lease to keep the property from turning into Elsa's castle (let it go, but keep it warm).

By Landlord Legal

Drop the beat, not the heat - that's issue #85 of The Brief.

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