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Here kitty kitty

Feb 22, 2023

Be honest:

Do you think we're just whistlin' Dixie with these emails?!? 

Why do we keep talking about eviction notices?

And why did we spend hours building this free guide to help you get it right?

* raises hand slowly *

Because some good-lookin' readers of The Brief still get it wrong!

The biggest mistake we see? 

Eviction notices posted on the front door.

Yep, they hang these like it's a lost cat flyer.

But that's not good enough.

These are legal documents, folks.

Don't post an eviction notice on the door (unless we say so). 

Sure, they'll get it (but that doesn't matter).  

How they get served does.

There's only 4 ways to serve an eviction notice.

If it's not one of these, you're outta luck.

But hey, you do you.

By Landlord Legal

Sweet, that's issue #58 of The Brief.

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