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Death, taxes and a Tenant's stuff

Nov 02, 2023

Knock, knock!

Who's there?

The grim reaper.

And he's just taken one of your Tenants.

Trouble is, he left their stuff in your house.

Ain't no hearse gotta u-haul!


Picture this:

Your Tenant kicks the bucket (and leaves stuff in the house).

Then Aunt Sally shows up with a keen interest in that vintage lava lamp in the corner.

What should you do?

Make sure the person has legal authority to remove the stuff.

And no, sticky-notes and birthday cards don't cut it.

Get it in writing.

Make sure it's got the right legal mumbo jumbo (call these hotshots if you're not sure).

If not, your little issue will be messier than a toddler's Halloween candy binge.

No Bueno.

By Landlord Legal

And... there you have it - issue #84 of The Brief.

P.S. The price of the Legal Plan is going up tomorrow... NOT!  It's still $250 / year for unlimited legal help.  Where else can you chat with a lawyer without getting billed?!?