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Can you really bill for that?!

Apr 04, 2024

Days like yesterday suck.

Here's what happened:

Tenant moves out (and leaves a mess).

Landlord rolls up their sleeves, fixes it themselves.

Have you seen a contractor's rate lately?!?

Now, she wants paid for her work.

But some rando on the internet said Landlords can't charge for their labor...

That advice?

Dead wrong.

You know what they say... "Only when the tide goes out do we see who was swimming naked."

Here's the deal:

Your labor isn't free.

You can charge a 'reasonable cost' to repair or replace. 

And here's the law to prove it.

But don't get too wild with the wrench.

Make sure it was to fix damage the Tenant caused (and you weren't responsible for).

And for Pete's sake, make the cost reasonable.

You don't get a monopoly on handyman services.

By Landlord Legal

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