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But are you really sure it's still legal?

May 09, 2024

Everyone asks us for legal tips.

Here's a good one:

Use e-signatures on your lease.

It's fast, easy, and legally enforceable.

Which was news to one Tenant...

They said, "I didn't sign, so it's not legal."

And boy were they miffed about a digital signature!

We have an angry Tenant on line one.

You don't need a Tenant's John Hancock dripping in wet ink to make it legal.

Ever signed for the FedEx guy on those tiny screens?

How do people even read those?!?

Ya, they're legal.

And so is your lease.

Digital signatures are fine for your lease. 

Just make sure you're using legit software for this.

By Landlord Legal

No dotted lines, just issue #109 of The Brief.

If you have a friend who uses DIY leases, give them our cell.  Because if Googling "free standard lease" makes sense, we've got a bridge to sell them. On second thought, just show them a better way.

DISCLAIMER: Heads up - none of this is legal advice. We share stories and laughs about legal stuff for Landlords.  Do your own homework and stay safe out there!