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Better think twice before trying using trick

Jun 27, 2024

Ever heard of a legal facepalm?

It's when you do something dumb.

So silly that even your mom would text you an eye-roll emoji. 🙄

And it's even worse when the right move was just a playbook away.

Yet here you are.

Floating illegal lease terms like they're harmless party balloons.

Dang right we like to party!

While we're all for a good bash, some rules just can't be twisted.

Like that pesky 5-Day Notice.

It's a pain to keep giving this notice each time a tenant is late on rent.

But here's the deal:

You can't set a cap on the number of 5-Day Notices before eviction.

We heard a landlord slipped this into a lease...

Boy oh boy will they be in for a rude surprise if it goes to court!

By Landlord Legal

No caps here, just issue #116 of The Brief.

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DISCLAIMER: Heads up - none of this is legal advice. We share stories and laughs about legal stuff for Landlords.  Do your own homework and stay safe out there!