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A rare win for Illinois landlords

Nov 23, 2023

They don't always end this way:

Johnny gets a rental app for his sweet condo.

Everything checks out, Sally moves in.

Trouble is, she brought a secret roommate - Mr. Whiskers.

Now, Mr. Whiskers isn't your average furball...

He's an emotional support animal (ESA).

Gee, Sally missed that on the rental app...

Fast forward to the courtroom drama:

Sally claims Johnny discriminated because of the ESA.

Johnny hasn't been this confused since helping grandma with her new smartphone...

He's like, "Hold up! I didn't even know about the cat, how could I have known it was an ESA?!?"

Well, the Illinois Human Rights Commission gave little Johnny two thumbs up this week:

Sally didn't note the disability and ESA on Johnny's form, so Johnny was good.

You can't reject a Tenant because of a disability or ESA.

...that is straight-up illegal.

Even with your "no pets" policy.

But if you didn't know about the disability, this case may help yours.

By Landlord Legal

Cat's outta the bag, that's issue #87 of The Brief.

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